Liquor License

Licenced under "The Flower Delivery Company"

Licence no. 007/0FF/136/2018

Licence Expiry 19/12/2021

Liquor cannot be sold to persons under 18 years of age

By using this website and purchasing an alcoholic product from us, you warrant that you are over 18 years of age and agree to the terms and conditions as set out with regards to our policies and liquor licensing law in New Zealand. The law as set out in the sale of Liquor Act New Zealand states that you must be over 18 when purchasing wine or gift baskets containing alcoholic beverages. 

The Management and Staff of The Flower Delivery Company are committed to ensuring that their social responsibilities in relation to any alcohol included in the Gift Baskets is enjoyed responsibly and consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our social responsibly is taken seriously and we always attempt, where possible, to ensure the following:

  • Staff are trained in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (SaSA) 2012
  • Staff are aware of their responsibilities under the SaSA 2012
  • We will request identification from anyone that looks under the age of 25
  • It is our responsibility to ensure where ever possible, that alcohol is not supplied to prohibited persons
  • We will not serve minors
  • We will actively promote safe and responsible drinking messages
  • Alcohol will not be promoted in an irresponsible manner